Linking your Website with Social Media

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Engage new customer bases and create new markets anywhere in the world!

Most local business owners already know that success can depend largely on the support of loyal customers and local trade. In the past businesses attracted customers through word of mouth recommendations and by offering excellent customer satisfaction and service. Although today’s business climate has changed, these basic principles still hold true.

Social Media is perhaps one of the most effective marketing tools that business owners can employ.

Connecting with a targeted online audience is an essential component to the success of any business hoping to have a successful online presence. Businesses that are able to build new relationships and establish dialogues with their customers enjoy higher sales rates and more unique visitors, as customers link to their pages and spread the word. These relationships can also help to cultivate trust with the customer, which makes him or her more likely to come back again for a repeat sale.

However creating a Social Media presence that works for your business and the product you are selling or promoting requires more than simply posting regularly.

TempoWeb’s Top Tips for utilising Social Media

  • If you want followers to take notice of your posts – make them stand-out with cute, attractive or quirky images and clear marketing
  • Give followers a reason to share your post with their friends – a discount, competition or special promotion
  • Make sure they can find your own website to purchase or make a booking online – include a link to your website or a specific webpage
  • Ensure your time on Social Media websites is benefiting your business, not simply the Social Media site

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