Building Successful ECommerce Sites

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Have you considered your website from your customers’ experience?

We are often approached by clients whose main goals is to create an eCommerce website that results in increased sales – plain and simple. One sure fire way of ensuring this is to have a website design that makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, interact with, and do business with you.

Your eCommerce website design needs more than just a pretty interface – it needs a useable interface!

The success of any eCommerce site depends on a carefully considered blueprint that combines strong visual appeal with usability, structure, and layout. When these elements come together with sound development and solid SEO, your site will be primed for high conversions.

  • Is your current website building trust with your shoppers?
  • Do visitors return for repeat purchases?
  • Are customers failing in the checkout?
  • Does your website reinforce your brand values?
  • Are people spending a lot of time on the site, but not taking action?
  • Does your site lack information hierarchy?

At TempoWeb we work to overcome these types of obstacles – it’s one of the main cores of our business; it’s what we do. And that’s just the front-end.

When it comes to the technical back-end of your eCommerce website everything must run like a well-oiled, virtual machine. Content Management System, Internal and External Notifications and third-party integrations all must come together and work seamlessly. Your site needs to be easy to maintain and, just as important, be easy to grow.

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